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More We're in the Mountains Not over the Hill book information:

We're in the Mountains has had favorable reviews from as far away as the United Kingdom and Australia. I'll paste in excerpts from a few of them.

Mammoth, CA Good News, July 24-30, 2003

"Great Summer Read! The stories are sometimes humorous and other times serious, but most are at the very least inspiring."

East Bay Express, April 30, 2003

"refreshing handbook of hiking and backpacking for those who know it isn't over until it's over."

Montclarion, July 15, 2003

"Informative, engaging, and inspiring. (Alcorn) reminds women who want to backpack to set their own goals, to savor their successes."

Outdoor Australia, August/September, 2003

" intriguing balance between practical tips to get you started and the retelling of adventure in short snippets."

Hill Newspapers, May 16, 2003

"A passion, by its very nature, is a sexy thing. Alcorn has a passion for backpacking."

Backpack - Journal of the Backpackers Club - UK, Autumn 2003

"I found plenty of interest from knee-care, diet and exercise to the experiences of the women whose backpacking is described in the book"

From our initial press release:




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Contact: Susan Alcorn

New Backpacking Book Supports Mid-Age Women Seeking Fitness

True adventures, challenging journeys, and life-affirming trips. Practical wisdom and tried tips. Three dozen women, in the prime of their lives, take readers backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, the Rockies, the Appalachians and more.

We're in the Mountains, Not over the Hill -- Tales and Tips from Seasoned Women Backpackers is a collection of true, emotionally honest stories of strong, gutsy women, all in the prime of their lives, who continue to challenge themselves, which will provide humor, insight, and inspiration to women and men of all ages.

San Francisco bay area author and Sierra Club member, Susan Alcorn, writes, "Whether the women are scaling mountains solo at 14,000 feet or lounging with friends near crackling campfire, they are enjoying the rewards of their strenuous days and soaking in the wonders of nature." She adds, "If we can do it so can you." We're in the Mountains, Not over the Hill..." recounts not only Ms. Alcorn's wilderness adventures but also those of another 30+ women.

We're in the Mountains, Not over the Hill -- Tales and Tips from Seasoned Women Backpackers
has 14 chapters offering both entertaining reading and how-to information. Armchair adventurers and backpackers, whether new or experienced, will enjoy reading about such women as Irene Cline who is the oldest woman to walk the Appalachian Trail, the gritty character of Emma Gatewood who, at the age of 67, was the first woman to thru hike the AT, and the humor of Laurie Foot, the first woman over 45 to hike/ bike the American Discovery Trail (Trans-U.S.). Also included are many stories of women whose more modest accomplishments demonstrate that backpacking is really a democratic activity-available to all who have the dream and the determination.

We're in the Mountains, Not over the Hill -- Tales and Tips from Seasoned Women Backpackers can be ordered from Shepherd Canyon Books, 25 Southwood Ct., Oakland, CA 94611, your local bookstore, from Amazon, Ingram, Mountain N' Air Books, or Barnes and Noble online.  The price is $16.95 ISBN 0936034025.

Susan Alcorn
Shepherd Canyon Books

Emma Gatewood first hiked the entire 2160 mile Appalachian Trail at the age of 67.  She last hiked it at the age of 76.

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