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We're in the Mountains: Not Over the Hill Reviews:

East Bay Express, April 30, 2003
"refreshing handbook of hiking and backpacking for those who know it isn't over until it's over."

Montclarion, July 15, 2003
"Informative, engaging, and inspiring. (Alcorn) reminds women who want to backpack to set their own goals, to savor their successes."

Outdoor Australia, August/September, 2003
" intriguing balance between practical tips to get you started and the retelling of adventure in short snippets."

Hill Newspapers, May 16, 2003
"A passion, by its very nature, is a sexy thing. Alcorn has a passion for backpacking."

Backpack - Journal of the Backpackers Club - UK, Autumn 2003
"I found plenty of interest from knee-care, diet and exercise to the experiences of the women whose backpacking is described in the book"

An EveryWoman's guide to wilderness travel, March 18, 2006 Amazon
Amy Racina - Author of Angels in the Wilderness

Debunking the myth that only the young and fearless and male can enjoy backcountry travel, Susan Alcorn's thoughtful book is a practical and anecdotal read for any woman who ever doubted her ability to engage in the sport of backpacking. An EveryWoman's guide to wilderness travel, this compassionate volume takes us through the trials, tribulations, and the triumphs of some three dozen backpackers, ranging from 40 to 74 years in age, and all, incidentially, women.

Some are groundbreakers in their own right, and others are just ordinary women who turned to the mountains in search of adventure, spiritual awakening, physical empowerment, or the simple peace offered up by the wilderness experience. Susan's book "We're in the Mountains, Not Over the Hill" takes the mystique out of the sport of backpacking, and makes it understandable and accessible to any woman, anywhere, of any age.

Thanks Susan!

I loved this book!, July 11, 2005 Amazon
Tim Hauserman - Author of The Tahoe Rim Trail

I am a regular backpacker who is writing a book on backpacking with children and was pleased to see that most of the joys and concerns that a 10 year old has on her first backpacking trip are the same as a 65 year old women has on her tenth trip. The book is composed of the comments and suggestions of several dozen women backpackers of different ages and experiences. Although loaded with great tips and ideas, it is the stories of these women overcoming adversity and their fears to reach happiness in the woods that inspired me the most. It is often funny, sometimes sad, but mostly encouraging. Now if I can just convince my wife who does not backpack to read it perhaps she will hit the trail with me!

Entertaining and inspiring, July 9, 2005 Amazon
Melanie Clark (San Francisco, CA USA)

I loved this book. So realistic and funny, with much helpful information about every possible subject for those women (as well as men) who would like to begin backpacking later in life but aren't too sure they could survive it. We are treated to many illuminating anecdotes told by the 32 women interviewed for the book. And the author shares herself generously with us, admitting to tears of exhaustion or frustration, irrational (as well as some highly rational) fears about bears and other hazards, sore knees, long days and occasional unabashed whining. I enjoy her honesty, and most readers will find it reassuring that she has the normal range of emotions and still retains her enthusiasm for the sport. I also enjoy the glimpses into her relationship with her husband Ralph, her stalwart and unflappable companion in adventure. All in all, a very pleasurable and informative book.

Made me remember why backpacking is so vital, January 16, 2004 Amazon
 A reader

This book got me excited about the prospect of backpacking -- and I'm a fairly regular backpacker already. The stories and personal histories exposed backpacking's subtexts -- it's not all just pretty scenery and physical excercise. Perhaps backpacking's most important aspects are its tendencies to inspire inner renewal and to challenge us out of our familiar ruts, and its consistent ability (this is probably backpacking's most important dividend) to send one "back home" with the PERSPECTIVE, COMMITMENT, and COURAGE needed to effect personal change in one's "real life." I found the "oral history" style particularly engaging, with many different voices (representing all different ages) unanimously endorsing the overall message: "Backpacking is a priceless activity -- we're fortunate to be able to do it, and we're really missing out if we neglect it." I took great comfort from hearing others say that they, too, count backpacking as one of life's solid treasures -- one need not engage in it every weekend or even every year, but, like a good mother, it's always there when you most need it. Also, woven in among the stories I found many practical tips I'd never before encountered. But I liked this book best for the way it transported me back to the mountains -- and back to my self.

A lively read for both hikers and chair jockeys, May 26, 2003 Amazon
Brian T. Bender (California)

I was curious about this book because my wife and I have done some backpacking in the Sierra. I wanted to read what the women had to say and about the personal experiences of the author.
Many books don't hold my interest. Well, this one sure did. She kept the storytelling moving right along and didn't get bogged down in too much detail. I liked the mix of seriousness and light-hearted commentary and the fact she isn't afraid to poke fun at herself. There are some good backpacking tips and information sprinkled along as well. Made for fun reading over a couple nights.

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Emma Gatewood first hiked the entire 2160 mile Appalachian Trail at the age of 67.  She last hiked it at the age of 76.

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